About the Artist

Terry Alexander self portrait in Good Hart, Michigan by Terry Alexander


From recording family moments with my first Instamatic camera as a youth to sifting through old black and white photographs of my family; from learning about 35mm film up to today's digital world; photography has been a part of who I am. Most has been self taught but I did find some great classes at the Toledo Museum of Art. Beginning with my time in the Air Force, working through the world of consulting, and now with my time at the University of Michigan, I've been afforded opportunities to observe places and activities that many never have the opportunity to visit.

My current role as Executive Director of the department of Environment, Health & Safety for the University of Michigan involves coordinating and facilitating safety and environmental compliance for campus operations. It also offers the opportunity to interact with students from all over the world - a part of my job that tells me there really is tremendous optimism for our future - something I hope each of you has the chance to experience.

I have over 40 years experience in environment, health and safety programs, ranging from consulting, to managing a site remediation program at a Department of Energy facility in Idaho, and beginning as an industrial hygienist and environmental engineer with the US Air Force. Credentials include licensed professional engineer in Michigan and Illinois, certified industrial hygienist, and board certified environmental engineer. My undergrad degree is in civil engineering from South Dakota State University and my master of science is in environmental science from the University of Idaho.

Born in South Dakota, raised in Minnesota, I've lived in New Jersey, Texas, North Dakota, Washington, Idaho, Illinois, and now reside in Michigan with my wonderful wife Kathleen. Travels include 47 of the 50 states (missing only Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire) as well as a number of countries including numerous trips to our wonderful neighbors in the great white north affectionately known as Canada, the Azores, a magical month in Australia and Tasmania, and most recently 2 weeks in Ireland.